ProSmoke Menthol E Cigarette

One of the most popular brand of menthol e cigarette is made by ProSmoke.  Year after year, their menthol e cigarettes are consistently rated by real smokers as the top smoking electronic cigarette on the market.


They now offer their menthol e cigarette replacement cartridges in six different nicotine levels: zero, low, medium, high, super, and extra high.  Their extra high nicotine cartridges contains 28 mg of nicotine.  This packs the highest amount of nicotine for heavy smokers and more than any other brands that we are currently aware off.


Best Menthol Flavored E Cigarettes

Some of the best menthol flavored cigarettes are found with smoking e cigarettes and not with traditional cigarettes.  That might be shocking to some of you who have not tried a flavored e cigarette but the fact of the matter is that the best menthol flavored e cigarettes are very popular among menthol cigarette smokers.

The reason is very simple.  E Cigarette brands have done a fantastic job of perfecting the taste of their menthol e cigs.  It is the result of that perfection that many of the people who smoke traditional menthol cigs have made the switch from traditional cigs to e cigarettes without missing a beat.

Some will tell you that the quality of the menthol e cigarette is better than the regular cigarettes.  That is strictly subjective so I will leave it to my fellow menthol smokers to do their own test and to see for themselves.

However, I will make the interesting and give you some of my recommendations so that you know which e cigarettes to try based on my personal usage of them so come back for those recommendations.